Mini-Training: UVP Generator

Generate Your Client-Centric Sales Proposition to Attract and Land Big Clients. 

Do you wonder what to say in front of your ideal clients? Do you struggle with creating an offer that would WOW your big clients? 

In this 3-part mini-training, I will show you step-by-step how to generate Client-Centric Sales Proposition that would help you stand out, get the attention of big clients and close more sales.  

In 3 days, you will have a client-centric proposition you can use in all your emails, marketing materials and every single conversation with your prospects. 

Imagine What It Would Feel Like To Know What Your Prospects Want and Know What to Say to Get Their Attention?

When I speak with entrepreneurs about their sales message, I often hear these similar struggles…  

"It's complicated to describe exactly what I do."  

"I don’t want to sound salesy or pushy."  

“I don’t know how to stand out from my competitors who are bigger and a lot more experienced.”  

"There is so much to say and I don't even know where to start."  

Here is the reality…  

You can’t sell with success if you don’t have an effective sales proposition.  

Because, here is usually what happens when you don’t have a clear and effective sales proposition.  

  • You stumble over your words when your prospects ask you what you do and what makes you unique. 
  • You easily loose the interests of important prospects because they can tell that you have not figured out exactly what you do. 
  • Your content marketing lacks a central message and effective call to action.  

Imagine all the money you leave on the table whenever you stumble over your words or try to explain yourself. 

It's time to craft your winning sales message to get the attention of those high-paying prospects. 

In this mini-training, I am going to show you how sales pros develop their winning sales proposition. 

A “Client-Centric Sales Proposition”  

The Client-Centric Sales Proposition focuses on creating a sales message that is: 

  • Concise and easy to understand. Your prospects can easily understand your message and what sets you apart.  
  • Relevant to their most important priorities, because your prospects only care about what you could do for them.
  • Action-driven to easily take your prospects through your sales engagement roadmap.  

With Client-Centric Sales Proposition, you finally can: 

  • Sell with more confidence. You finally know how to craft an attention-grabbing sales proposition. (This is how I am able to book meetings with CEOs, executives or high-value clients.)
  • Save time. No more sitting in front of your computer wondering what to write to your prospects. 
  • Convert those high-paying prospects to actual clients and start working with those big clients you always wanted.

In this mini training, I will show you step-by-step plan on how to create a client-centric sales proposition. 

Let's start to wow our prospects by focusing on them and creating a client-centric sales proposition. 

Ready to WOW your big prospects with a Client-Centric Sales Prosposition?

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How Does It Work?

STEP 1: Understand the most urgent needs and pains of your prospective clients with our secret research techniques and tips. 

STEP 2: Generate your own client-centric sales proposition with our proprietary Sales Proposition Generator. With this tool, you can easily generate a winning sales proposition. 

STEP 3: Deploy your client-centric sales proposition using our Sales Engagement Roadmap so that you can sell with confidence and without sounding pushy. 

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