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Women Making Big Sales Training

Sales Prospecting Blueprint

Create a Step-by-Step Game Plan to Getting Qualified Prospects Consistently.

Do you struggle to find a system to help you prospect consistently and successfully?

Are you overwhelmed with finding time to prospect or to sell?

Have you tried different prospecting activities but can't seem to get in front of your ideal clients... the ones that can pay for what you are really worth?

This practical mini-training will help you discover your best prospecting strategy and show you how sales pros prospect to get the attention of your distracted prospects. 

At the end of this training, you will be able to: 

  • Discover research techniques for finding your big clients. My clients call me sales detective and they're right! Learn all my hacks, tips and tools to finding out where your big clients hang out and whom they hang out with. 
  • Take the guessing out of your prospecting process. Not all businesses are created equal. Use my Prospecting Decision Grid to determine the best prospecting strategy for you and your business only. 
  • Authentic prospecting. Align your prospecting strategy to who you are. Find the prospecting strategy that aligns with your strengths and that's how you start to sell with ease and confidence. 
  • Learn how sales pro sell - Prospecting Stacking. Let's face it. Sales pros don't just network or sell on LinkedIn. Learn how the sales pro sell so that you can stand out from your competitors and get the attention from your ideal clients too. 
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"Knowing how to get in front of those hard-to-reach decision makers is one of the biggest challenges entrepreneurs face. 

Over the past 16 years and even today, I continue to sell in different industries and get in front of different decision makers. Here is my step-by-step blueprint to reaching my decision makers.

No more "spray and pray". 

Stop wasting time, or "wining it". 

Together, let's take strategic and consistent actions to making big sales. 

- Melinda Chen, Founder of Women Making Big Sales

For $17, here is what you'll get:

3 day step-by-step training videos showing you how to determine the best prospecting strategy for you: 


My step-by-step research guide to finding where your big clients are. You will learn advanced research techniques for finding information about your prospective clients, including my favorite research tool. By the end of this training, you will have the most important information you need to create your prospecting strategy.


How do you get in front of your big clients? Blogging? LinkedIn? Networking? Referrals? Using the "Prospecting Decision Grid", you will be able to find the best prospecting strategies for you. Also learn the advanced prospecting techinique to help you sell to big clients faster and easier. By the end of this training, you will have a customized step-by-step prospecting plan for your business. 


In prospecting, there are 3 essential elements that determine the success of your prospecting strategy. I will show you these 3 essential elements and how I prospect with success in less than 3 hours a week... learn how to sell in less time

BONUS MATERIALS... and much more:

  •  Client Research Cheat sheet: My research cheat sheet filled with secret commands to help you discover your clients. 
  •  Prospecting Decision Gride: This is a step-by-step decision map to help any entrepreneur determine the best prospecting strategies. 
  •  Map to Clients: Your research worksheet to finding your idea clients. 
  •  Prospecting Stacking Generator: Use this simple tool to start crafting your prospecting strategy and get a clear view of how to implement your prospecting strategy. 
  •  Sales Planner: Use this planner to create a clear action plan for your business and stay focused. This would help you avoid wasting time on activities that are not important to you and free up more time for you to enjoy your life!

Who is Melinda? 

Melinda doesn't just talk about sales, she actually sells.  

As the Director of Sales selling to the largest corporations in North America, Melinda understands the sales challenge female entrepreneurs face. She has made over 5,000 cold calls, participated in countless sales conversations, and read dozens of sales books. Yes.. 5,000 cold calls and closing 8-figures in sales so far. 

Today, she continues to sell to large corporations around the world. At the same time, she shares her best and most practical sales strategies with small entrepreneurs and help them land big clients and close 5 or 6 figures in sales. 

Melinda has been featured in over 20 different interviews about sales and female entrepreneurship.