ONLINE "Let Me Find Your Perfect Clients" MINI-CLASS

Let Me Find Your Ideal Clients in Three Days. 

Do you keep meeting the wrong prospects - the ones who can't afford your service or are just not right for your business?  

Imagine standing in front of your ideal clients who are experiencing the pains that you can solve and can afford to pay for your service. Sales would come easily after that!

In this mini class, I will show you step-by-step on how to find those perfect clients who need your help and are ready to sign the service contracts with you! 

Here is what I know about many female entrepreneurs: 

  • You work hard on networking, posting blogs and making calls. But, no ones seems to want to buy from you. 
  • You put in hours and hours of work in your business, but still can't reach the sales goal you want. 
  • You try to “build relationships”, but later realize that those prospects have no need or budget for your service.  

You are tired of hearing:  

“Sorry, we don’t have the budget for this year.” 

“We don’t have the need for your service right now.”

“This is really not our priority this year."

I have been there and I can definitely understand.  

Here is what I know after 16 years in sales and has sold around the world and in different industries...  

If you sell to people with urgent needs for your service, sales become easy.  

Pretty simple, isn't it.  

So, how do you find those people with urgent needs?

That’s why I am here to help you find those clients who desperately need you service - the perfect clients.  

I will be with you every step of the way. Walking you through the exact blueprint I personally use to achieve sales success.  

In 3 days, you will be able to find your perfect clients and be able to…  

  • Engage with your prospects better, because you have what they need - a solution to their problem! 
  • Build trust and sales relationship: By knowing their urgent pains, you will know what to say to get their attention and become the trusted advisor to your prospects. Sales become easy and natural. 
  • Boost your sales faster: When there is an urgent need for your service, there is an urgent need to start working with you. Find these perfect clients and close sales fast.  

So, what are you waiting for?  

  • Can you afford wasting more energy on those prospects who would never buy from you
  • Can you afford wasting more money on activities that would not give you the sales results you always want?  

Sign up for this mini training today and start finding your perfect clients - the ones who desperately need your service. 



How does it work?  

This course is 100 minutes worth of instruction, broken down into 3-day step-by-step training videos. It contains 8 video lessons - and altogether it is equivalent to $497 worth live seminar.  

With Let Me Find Your Ideal Clients Mini Course, you get the same instruction at a fraction of the price - and you can watch the video whenever you want, as many times as you want, anywhere you want - in your home, office or training room  

Here's a taste of what it covers: 

  • 8 video training of my secret strategies selling to big clients (Value - $299)

These simple-to-implement, direct videos show you how experienced sales pro identify sales opportunities and compile their prospect list. 

  • Strategic worksheets and video instructions (Value $99)

Start to implement these strategies using these simple worksheets to help you find the hidden opportunities and organize all your research. 

  • My Secret List Building Technique (Value - $99 or Imagine the cost of not being able to reach your prospects directly and fast!)

Stop wasting your time “hoping” to reach your prospects and start getting in front of them. Use my behind the scene strategies to getting big clients’ phone number and their direct email address. Now, you can get in front of them and start demonstrating your value.  

3-Day Step-by-Step Training Videos to Help you Find your Perfect Clients.  

Day 1: Market Research Blueprint  

Explore new market opportunities. Learn how to locate and "spy" on competitors and find clients that your competitors are neglecting.  

Day 2: Discovering Your Perfect Clients  

Learn how to find the group of prospects who have the needs for your service and find out how you can get in front of them.  

Day 3: Compiling The Perfect Client Lists  

Ready to sell to these prospects? I will show you the critical tools how to compile a list of perfect clients. Get more and better appointment with big clients and decision makers by finding out their direct contact information.  

Now, you can start to build your sales funnel selling to them and converting them to "actual" clients!

You may be thinking, “This sounds great, Melinda! I can't wait to increase my sales and boost my income. 

What's it going to cost?  

Your investment for this powerful information-packed course is a mere $17.  

Quickly reviewing the math, you are receiving $497 materials and training for $17 - which means you're already saving $480.  

Once you put this product to use, you will have the breakthrough you've been waiting for. You'll find it easy to get more prospects and ideal clients, close more sales and make more money - faster and easier.

Not sure? Here Are Answers to Some of the Most Common Questions. 


"Melinda showed me the keys to creating the right relationships and contacting new people in an efficient way. Thanks to her help and her very tailored approach, I was able to sign a very big account even before we were done with our sessions together. I definitely recommend working with Melinda if you’re a woman looking to signing big corporate clients."

~ Marie-Helene DiBenedetoo, Founder of Moondust Agency