Sales Strategy 101

Find Your Ideal Clients and Sales Strategies

Do you keep meeting the wrong potential clients - the ones who can't afford your service or are just not right for your business?  

Do you feel overwhelmed by different sales strategies and just want the best plan of action for your business?  

Imagine knowing exactly who will buy from you, where they are, and having the best strategy for your unique business to get in front of them?  

In this mini-class, I will show you step-by-step who your ideal clients are, where they are, and help you formulate the best sales strategy unique to you.  

Here are the challenges I often hear from female entrepreneurs: 

  • “I have tried to sell, but people just do not seem interested in what I have to say or offer.”  
  • “There are so many sales strategies out there. I don't know which strategy is best for my business. I wish someone could tell me exactly what to do.”  
  • “I feel overwhelmed. I can never find enough time to sell for my business consistently.”  

As a female entrepreneur, I have experienced the same challenges. I understand how frustrating and stressful these challenges can be.  

But sales doesn't have to be complicated.  

I want to simplify sales!

That's why I created this easy-to-use mini-training course to help you answer the most important questions for your business.  

  • WHO are my ideal clients? 
  • WHERE are my ideal clients?
  • HOW do I get in front of my ideal clients?  

In 3 days, not only will you be able to find your ideal clients, you will also be able to...

  • Free up time and focus on what matters. By knowing exactly who you are selling to and how to best get in front of them, no more time or money is wasted on things that do not result in the sales you need. 
  • Have 100% clarity on the best strategy for you. You and your business are unique. Rather than telling you that one single strategy is best for you, I developed a unique tool to identify the best sales strategy for you and your business only. 
  • Stop feeling overwhelmed by all the things you need to get done. I will share with you my story and exactly how I manage to sell for 2 different businesses as a busy mother of 2 boys. (Learn from my mistakes and avoid any burnouts.)

Most importantly... 

  • Sell with confidence. You will know who you are selling to and develop a firm grasp on the right plan to achieve your goals. This will give you the confidence to create the sales momentum you desperately need for your business.  

Can you afford to waste more energy on prospects who will likely never buy from you? Can you afford to waste more money on activities that won't result in the sales you've always wanted?  

Sign up for this mini-training session today and start getting in front of your ideal clients - the ones who actually need your service. 



How does this mini-training session work?  

This course is designed to be easy to understand and quick to implement.  

The training consists of three 10-minute training videos.  

I have designed unique tools and worksheets to help you get answers to your business questions as soon as possible. 

Sales is all about taking action. 

By the end of each day, I will challenge you to complete a specific action plan. T

here will also be worksheets with examples to help you brainstorm.  

What you will learn:  

  • 5 critical questions to ask yourself before determining your ideal clients. You'll be able to use these 5 questions to drastically increase your competitiveness. 
  • How to avoid wasting time on the people who will never buy from you with “Your Ideal Client Checklist”.
  • My secret research hacks to help you find hidden opportunities in less than 1 minute.  
  • How to quickly determine the best sales strategy for your unique business with my “Map to Clients” tool.
  • Behind-the-scenes strategies on how I sell with efficiency and avoid burnouts.  

By the time we're finished, you will know who you are selling to, how to sell to them, and how to do it all without feeling overwhelmed. 

Mini-Training Breakdown: 

Day 1: Discovering Your Ideal Clients

  • Learn the 5 most important questions to ask in order to discover the clients that are facing the challenges you can solve and are ready to buy from you. These are the exact questions I ask my VIP clients during our 1:1 training sessions. You now have access to these questions.  
  • Have you been targeting the right clients? Use the “Ideal Client Checklist” to make sure you are setting yourself up for success with the right targets. 
  • Learn my secret tricks to instantly stand out from your competitors and get your ideal clients' attention.  

Day 2: Getting In Front of Your Ideal Clients

  • Discover where your ideal clients hang out with my secret research hacks. 
  • Use the “Map to Clients” tool to identify your ideal clients and the best sales strategy for your business.  

Day 3: Sell More in Less Time

  • Want to sell more in less time? I will take you behind-the-scenes my 3 step system to sell with precise focus. 
  • Learn how to focus on what matters, free up time, and close more sales.  

Additional Tools and Worksheets:  

  • Find Your Ideal Clients Worksheet
  • Ideal Client Checklist
  • Sell More in Less Time Planner  


Bonus Training:  

Want more advanced sales strategies?  

  • Want to sell to hard-to-find, high-paying clients? Download my advanced sales training: “10 Secret Strategies to Get in Front of Real Decision Makers and Close More Sales”. 
  • Sales Stacking Generator: Use this simple tool to stack your sales strategy and sell more without being pushy.  

Not sure? Here Are Answers to Some of the Most Common Questions. 


"Melinda showed me the keys to creating the right relationships and contacting new people in an efficient way. Thanks to her help and her very tailored approach, I was able to sign a very big account even before we were done with our sessions together. I definitely recommend working with Melinda if you’re a woman looking to signing big corporate clients."

~ Marie-Helene DiBenedetoo, Founder of Moondust Agency